An overview of the story so far during the two years that the roleplay has been online. From the early days of recruitment, through rogue factions, supersoldier projects gone wrong and AI's turned sentient killing machines, Freelancer has seen its fair share of combat with forces that all have one thing in common: their desire for Project Freelancer to be exterminated.

Early DaysEdit

The canon birth of Freelancer and the hiring of the Freelancers.

Fighting the InsurrectionEdit

Harper showed up a couple times. He did stuff.


The Birth of Siri

"You think I won't get away with it? We'll see. Biggest problem there, though, is that I don't exist. I'm a figment of someone's imagination. How are you going to hold your imaginary friend accountable?" - Siri

It wasn't long after the recruiting of Agent Arizona that he was captured during a Covenant attack on the Mother of Invention for the purpose of testing an artifact that was never identified. However, its usage ended up inflicting severe damage on his psyche, causing him to develop another personality, possibly caused by the artifact itself -- the colder, more ruthless parts of him that were capable of standing up to such abuse concentrated itself into a separate, feminine entity. Upon his retrieval by a Freelancer team, he began showing signs of mental instability shortly after, going so far as to kill two agents and torture another before he left the ship.

It didn't take long for the entity, which was eventually designated "Siri", to begin to figure out where to apply to leverage and who to press against. Siphoning resources from multiple important figures in Reach's elite, she began to quietly build a ship that was as much a statement of power as it was a warship to serve as the flagship of the faction she came to lead: the Coalition.

Project Freelancer arrived at Solace soon after, following leads on her location, only to find that a destroyer that rivaled the size of Covenant supercarriers, nearly 28 kilometers of weaponry and titanium: The Deathless. It swiftly disabled the Invention. However, Freelancer deployed a strike team consisting of agents, assets, and the temporarily-inducted Agent Vermont -- Ian Harper -- to the ship to board it. The group was briefly imprisoned before managing to escape, fighting their way to the bridge.

While Siri and Agent California's alter ego took care of the Coalition turncoats who had attempted to take over the ship, Harper took control of the ship, crashing it into Solace's capital and the heart of the UNSC's power on the planet, called the Citadel.

Harper was defeated, but Siri assumed control of The Deathless, and it had been made to survive much worse than a crash landing. Crippled but functional, the ship disappeared into space once more.

Project PROTEUSEdit

From the events on Solace and the immediate aftermath of Siri contacting Proteus, to the destruction of Proteus.

"You're sick. You know that, right? Completely and totally fucking sick. You need help, along with a reality check." - Agent Tennessee

Splinters and RecoveryEdit

From after Proteus until Fragment becomes a threat.

"An entire base of test subjects? You shouldn't have!" - Siri's fragment


Survival Arc story here

The Fragment and the AssassinsEdit

From Fragment's birth, the assassins, the attack on the MoI, Worker's path to redemption and Harper's death to the assault on X.

"Hero. Villain. Vigilante. Criminal. Trickster. Dupe. Savior. Conqueror. You are all these things, Hale, and yet you are nothing." - Michael Asimov, ONI Agent and Lt. Commander

An AllianceEdit

From after the assault on X to present day.

"First you kill my family, then you kill my friends. You guys know how to make enemies, don't you?" - Derek Hale Leonhart, A.K.A. "Worker"

Summary as is written so farEdit

Freelancer was fighting Innies at first, before Agent Arizona was captured and tortured by the Covenant, as a consequence developing a separate psyche named Siri. This malevolent entity eventually became a separate entity, an AI; she formed a faction known as the Coalition, designed to destroy Freelancer, with an advanced warship. However, Siri was betrayed by several key members of the faction, and slowly turned to pursuing revenge alongside Freelancer; she assisted them in taking the ship back and both she and Agent California killed their leader and rescued Colorado's brother, thought to have been deceased, from their clutches. However, Insurrectionist Ian Harper, who was in a temporary alliance with the program, seized control of the ship, forcing Freelancer to detonate a bomb onboard. In response, Harper plunged the crashing ship into a UNSC city on Solace, killing a lot of people. Though he was captured, he later escaped.

Shortly after, Freelancer encountered the Proteans, a former military project who had been driven mad by an alien chemical found on a planet orbiting a black hole. The chemical was part of an ancient entity trapped in the planet, which linked the Proteans together and evolved them to become more powerful than humans. After a series of conflicts, involving the destruction of an entire planet, Proteus was destroyed when a former ally to Proteus, ONI operative Charles Dresden, turned on them and gave the UNSC the co-ordinates of the planet. In the resulting fight, the entire planet fell into the black hole, killing the entity and the Proteans, bar the one operative who was not on the planet, Erik, who has since been working for new employers under the guise of Wraith.

What led to the destruction of the twisted Proteans, though, wasn't just Dresden's change of heart. A few weeks prior, Samuel Clyde, Agent Tennessee, and Agent Colorado arrived at Groombridge 1830 to cut a deal with a Coalition splinter faction at the behest of a neutral non-UNSC world known as New Haven, who considered the faction a risk due to the trade they maintained with Kig-Yar. After a short dialog, the faction said it would remove the tracker/detonator neural chips that had previously been forcibly implanted in the two agents. In exchange, however, they demanded Siri, who had by then allied with Freelancer to take down Proteus. Nevertheless, Clyde agreed.

When he got back to the Invention, though, Siri successfully managed to convince him to supply the splinter faction with a copy of herself that had been intended to turn on Freelancer if she were to die -- a backup plan, a vengeance guarantee. The copy was turned in to the faction, who ceased communication with the Kig-Yar, but the Freelancer agents chose to retain their chips for the positive effects they granted on the perception of time.

Hijacking a Kig-Yar ship, the team proceeded to lure a Covenant fleet to the Proteans, which ultimately led to the destruction of the inhumans. The team returned unharmed.

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